Guest Mix: Jimena Angel

Currently located out of the heart of the Caribbean coast of Colombia Jimena Angel blends a wonderful mix of Afro-Latin and electronic sounds with Disco and House to Champeta, Afro-Funk, Hi-life & much more including a few of her own songs for good measure.

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Jimena Angel’s music is impregnated with electronic and Afro-Latin rhythms, is the result of more than 2 decades of musical research, through the different projects she has been part of and her own project as a soloist, with which she was nominated for a Latin Grammy.

During this time, Jimena has experimented with different musical genres, beginning in the 90’s with rock music in her first band “Pepa Fresa”, Colombian rhythms with her teachers Teto Ocampo (Mucho Indio) and Iván Benavides, learning from Richard Blair about the electronic fusion in “Sidesteper” and reggae music as the guitarist of Alerta Kamarada.

These influences and wonderful collaborations result in a tropical and electronic hybrid sound with hypnotic melodies.
Most recently she has been collaborating with the French record label Elis Records working alongside great musicians and producers such as iZem, Ben Arbarbanel-Wolff, Umoja, Poirier, Nikitch and Joaquín Cornejo, and is set to release her new musical productions in 2022.

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