Movimientos Carnaval Special

Embracing the spectrum of Brazilian carnival sounds with Aleh + Tribo bridging Rio & Salvador with the samba reggae crew backing this legendary Carioca singer, new big band Leoa play music inspired the North-East Brazilian sounds like Frevo, Maracatu and Ciranda, whilst Dutch collective KD Soundsystem bring their full powered party machine vibes taking in Dancehall, Soca, Afrobeats and Bale Funk. And esteemed Brazilian selector Moishe joins Cal Jader in the booth to keep the vibes on point all night.

Aleh + Tribo
KD Soundsystem

Cal Jader

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After a packed summer schedule this year and glowing reviews for their show alongside Balimaya project at the Barbican’s Milton Court 2022 sees COLECTIVA embark on their debut UK tour starting at the Jazz Cafe in London on 4th February the tour will take in the following dates with more to be added.

4th Feb – Jazz Café, LONDON
23rd Feb – Freight Island, MANCHESTER
4th March – Brudenell Social Club, LEEDS
25th March – The Jam Jar, BRISTOL
26th March – Mount Pleasant Eco Park, CORNWALL
2nd April – The Barrel House, TOTNES
14th April – Y Theatre, LEICESTER
21st April – Guildhall Studio, PORTSMOUTH
28th April – Ramona, MANCHESTER

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El Extravagante Mixtape

In this hybrid set with El Extravagante, get ready to dance some good old cumbia, some hot caribbean nu-salsa grooves, deeper sounds of folktronica and a bit of more downtempo/experimental beats here and there, all combined with live improvisation done with an Electribe plus a some acoustic tropical instruments too, get ready to groove!

El Extravagante Mixtape Artwork

Pedro Canoeiro Mixtape

Pedro Canoeiro came on our radar following the incredible ‘Futurismo Afroindígena’ release for Nu Latam Beats last year so we were delighted to get a special DJ mix from him. On this special mix he explores some of the roots of Afro Brazilian music journeying from the Amazon to Pernambuco across Brazil and back across the Atlantic to Angola, Cabo Verde and way beyond as well as a little bit of Moondog, plus some downtempo sounds and some of his own material.

Pedro Canoeiro Mixtape Artwork

Guest Mix series: Mamá Tora

For our latest guest mix Argentinian DJ Mamá Tora treats us to a beautiful mix of Andean music from across the generations, and regions uniting different aspects of Andean music. She came to our attention with her wonderful ‘Fiestas del Alto’ series but her DJ style traverses all kinds of Latin American, Tropical & global sounds – one to watch!

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Debut single from Fedzilla ‘Candela’

Its lyrics speak of a chance encounter, with the Chilean-German MC walking through a city when a guy catches her eye. With a smile and a lighter in hand, “Candela”, becomes both synonymous for asking for a light and for the spontaneous heat of the encounter. Set to a 00’s dancehall beat and produced by Cuban-Argentine musician Eliane Correa, the song finds Fedzilla negotiating the balance between flirting and not resorting to the same cocky pickup lines she’s faced when the roles have been reversed.

“In the glammed up world of social media, pop culture and celebrity, there’s a pervasive expectation to be flawless and effortly smooth. I truly believe that once we put that aside, we’re much more united in our awkwardness than we are in our grandeur. There’s been plenty of times where I’ve had zero game. I’m not about to fake to my listeners that I’m a super smooth talker. Likewise, I’m not going to flirt with guys in a way I wouldn’t appreciate myself. Furthermore, if I were to properly pick up a guy, how do I make sure I don’t fall into the same sleazy lines that guys have hit me with?”

“Candela” is her first solo release, a song in which she stays true to herself; firing up the Latin club music that is such a big part of her identity, and refusing to paint over the cracks.

“Candela” will be released on October 29 by Movimientos Records
Distributed by Proper Music

Track Credits
PRODUCED BY: Eliane Correa
MIXED: Alejandro Palada & Eliane Correa
MASTERED: Height Mastering

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The Fontanas drop remix EP

Following the release of their 2nd LP The Fontanas drop a remix package including future funk burners from our friends Aroop Roy & Santiago Morales alongside Electropop dreamwave duo Sparkle Darkly.

The new album ‘Luxury of Time’ treads some new paths with more reflective and intimate settings alongside the more expected latin funk offerings.

The Fontanas have have been re-energised as the world starts to open up, with a selection of summer dates at festivals across the UK next year including WOMAD & Kelburn Garden Party.

“Loving it” – Craig Charles. BBC6 Music

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Mini-Movimientos takeover @ Wilderness Festival

We are excited to host a mini-Movimientos takeover on the Atrium stage at this year’s Wilderness Stage with a very special line up TBA

Mini-Movimientos takeover @ Wilderness Festival Artwork

Santuario / Sanctuary Compilation

We are celebrating our 15 year anniversary with Santuario / Sanctuary, a compilation of 18 tracks from the UK-Latinx community and beyond. Representative of the new scene of artists taking the UK-Latin sound forward into the 21st Century and at the same time raising much needed funds for the UK Latin American community impacted by COVID-19.

It includes 10 exclusive tracks specially commissioned for this project and features a range of styles from mutations of Reggaeton, RnB & Hip Hop alongside acoustic Soul, Cumbia, Jazz, Afro-Latin and future tropical electronic sounds.

Santuario / Sanctuary Compilation Artwork

Sanctuary Mixtape Series

Movimientos launches ‘Sanctuary’ a compilation of 15 tracks from the Latinx community and beyond – representative of the new scene of artists taking the UK-Latin sound forward into the 21st Century. It includes exclusives and tracks specially commissioned for this album the music ranges from Cumbia to Hip Hop to Jazz and future tropical electronic beats.

Sanctuary Mixtape Series Artwork