La Chinaca- “Sin Titulo”

If La Chinaca’s debut single, got lots of love from the likes of Remezcla and BBC 6 Music’s Don Letts, a narcotic reconfiguring of Chris Isaak’s “Wicked Game” as a flickering fever dream, was the hazy release at the end of a long night, then “Sin Titulo”, its follow-up, represents a beginning.Movement, dance, hedonism are all crucial to the La Chinaca ethos but there’s always something gnawing away at the group, a need to better understand their environment and their sentience, and this seeps whole-heartedly into “Sin Titulo”, as it does the rest of a debut album that is slowly evolving into existence, for “Sin Titulo” marks the birth of the porifera (sea sponge) and with it the beginning of a journey.A droplet, a sphere, a centre without reunion, the porifera is preparing to enter the noosfera via the deep blue sea. Its survival is our survival, its tale unravelling our complexities as its conscious awakens. On “Sin Titulo” we begin to understand La Chinaca’s mission.Agents of sonic futurity, drawing inspiration from Mexico’s infamous guerrilleros liberales (soldiers without uniform), La Chinaca use tropical rhythms to create a dystopian cumbiaverse full of fables guided by the future. Here is its prelude.