Stephanie Santiago set to release Alma Carnavalera EP

We are very excited to announce new music on forthcoming 2 track EP release by Colombian Londoner Stephanie Santiago. The first track from the EP ‘Alma Carnavalera’ will be released on 8th April on Movimientos Records.

Glimpses of Latin music have emerged in her music before but this EP signals a new chapter in her career in which her heritage and search for identity are brought to the fore. Echoes of carnival can be heard in the title song’s make-up, its focus on vocals, percussion and bass indicative of traditional female-led bullerengue that is still performed along Colombia’s Caribbean coast, and the sound of gaita flute synonymous with cumbia at its most carnivalesque.

This will be the first in a series of releases from Stephanie Santiago that will see her explore her Colombian heritage, revealing a new sound informed by life in London and Latin American lineage. Colombian has always been in Stephanie’s heart, now we get to hear it.