Cecilia Vicuna: Brain Forest Quipu

Chilean artist and poet Cecilia Vicuna brings her new work to the iconic Turbine Hall at the Tate Modern, and Movimientos have programmed the accompanying DJ sets, taking place in the Terrace bar in the Blavatnik building!


Vicuna has transformed the space into a Brain Forest Quipu. Quipus – strands of thread laden with knots and used as a recording device – were in use for hundreds of years in pre-Hispanic Andean cultures. These devices helped build and sustain civilisations by recording tax payments, census records, calenders, militaristic organisation amongst many other uses. Vicuna recreates these ancient devices writ large, and surrounds them with other multi-media installations – sound, video and music – to mourn the destruction of nature and the loss of Indigenous history and culture.


Vicuna writes that “the Earth is a brain forest, and the quipu embraces all its interconnections.” In this spectacular and thoughtful exhibition the artists asks us to consider the impact of climate catastrophe, and what we can do to come together in the spirit of repair.


Movimientos will take over the Bar Terrace with performances from DJs Bushbby, Cal Jader and Ritmos Cholulteka from 6pm – 9:30pm on the 28th October.

No ticket is required for admission to the exhibition.