Verito Asprilla + Cerrero + DJs Flyer

Verito Asprilla + Cerrero + DJs


A very special night of future Colombian sounds with two of the most exciting acts from the underground scene there – young MC Verito Asprilla representing the Pacific coast with a fresh sound that encompasses Dancehall, Hip Hop and Amapiano alongside producer and Llorona Records boss Cerrero who’s live set takes in deep electronic dub and a futuristic roots sounds and whose collaborations and remixes include Los Gaiteros de San Jacinto, Adrian Sherwood, Nicola Cruz & Mitú.

Joining them on the decks will be London Latinx torchbearer Bushbby as well as Movimientos regular Amancai (Zaperoco) & Cal Jader

Verito Asprilla 

Tumaco’s rising young star Verito Asprilla has taken the spotlight in Colombia´s new generation of artists blending to perfection reggaeton, dancehall, amapiano and trap with the Colombian Pacific coast barrios soul. With the lyricism of someone twice her age, her candid and captivating voice, and rhyming skills sure to shock even the most seasoned rapper, Verito Asprilla is taking centre stage within the modern day Tumaco music scene. At just 19 years old, the fresh-faced Verito is paving the way within dancehall, amapiano, hip hop, reggaeton and Urban Pacific music in general. Sure to be heralded as a female favourite in the future, Verito and her Veromania is here to stay.

2024 is set to be Verito´s year, she is confirmed in Estereo Picnic and Lollapalooza Chile and is putting together her fists european tour around her participation in Nuits Sonores Festival in Lyon.


Brainchild of Llorona Records’ Diego Gómez, blend of ritualism and futurism, rough ethereal electronic dub music made from the roots sounds of Colombia. A journey to timeless ancient sounds through echoes, reverbs, sampling and dub mixing techniques. Cerrero´s releases include collaborations with legendary bands such as Los Gaiteros de San Jacinto, Adrian Sherwood, Son Palenque, Canalón de Timbiquí, Semblanzas del río Guapi and Bejuco, as well as young names such as Verito Asprilla and el “León Pardo”.

”The project, brainchild of Llorona Records’ Diego Gómez, fuses an ethereal and ceremonial production with an all-consuming sound. In a blend of ritualism and futurism, Cerrero is (naturally) a perfect embodiment of the Llorona Records spirit” SOUNDS AND COLOURS.

Nicola Cruz, Mitú and Uji have remixed Cerrero’s work in a series of tracks taking further the dub aesthetics of this fresh new act of deep electronic music coming from the heart of Llorona Records. Cerrero´s `powerful live act has featured festivals such as Cordillera, Estereo Picnic, Freakout Festival, Nrmal 2018, Sonar Bogotá 2018, Estereo Picnic 2019, Estereo Beach and Baile Sagrado amongst many others.

Saturday 11th May 2024
Time: 8pm - 3.30am
Peckham Levels, F1-F6 Peckham Town Centre Carpark, 95A Rye Lane, London SE15 4ST