The Mapcap Party/ Dots Flyer

The Mapcap Party/ Dots


We’re super excited to announce that we’ll be part of the Madcap Spaceship that will be blasting off at the Electrowerkz on the 1st of October.Across 7 different areas, on 3 different floors, the Electrowerkz is the perfect home planet to orbit during our initial mission. Exploring the old home planet of Rumpus, in search of the very best party relics, we’ll be keeping the spirit alive by showcasing some of our Rumpus favourite DJs, bands and performers. This is mission control, we have permission to launch!

Mission For this mission, we’ll be investigating the mystery of the alien Dots on a nearby moon. One where Creatures were known to inhibit. What will we find when we get there? To the moon, dot dot dot.Dress Code: In order to blend in with the Dots, we must all be in our very best dot like disguises. Think: Dot Cotton vs Dott Rotten, Join the dots, Pointless, Polka-mon, Punk-tuation, Pointillism, Pacman, Load of old Pollock, Morse code, Seurat Signac & Cross, Ravers at Asnières, Sunday in the park with George, Johnny on the spot, Echo vs Alexa, Perforated creations, Desdemona’s handkerchief, Lady Macbeth, D6, X marks the spot. Ladybugs and They-d-bugsThe line up includes some Rumpus favourite acts and artists, a ton of incredible walkabout performers and areas like Balkan Roast, Planet Bass and Wonderland Cafe and Movimientos is hosting Room 2 with an epic line up of tropical vibe selectors as followsDJsIvicore (Popola)Loka Marika on a mission to spread the hottest Latinx and Afro-Caribbean beats

MattanaHigh energy party selector and festival queen

Island T (Selextorhood)Uplifting rhythms and intoxicating beats from across the globe

Mr PachoColombian vibes maestro and festival don. 100% buenas ondas

Mxtias b2b Samiel (Bazuka Nights)Leeds’s fieriest Tropical party startersCal JaderTropical bangers, carnival rhythms and Latin Bass

Hosted by the one and only MC Fedzilla

Saturday 1st October 2022
Time: Starts at 10pm
Electrowerkz, 7 Torrens St, London EC1V 1NQ