‘RESISTENCIA: Focus on Latin America’ Flyer

‘RESISTENCIA: Focus on Latin America’

#FLAWA2020 has prepared a night of non-stopping dance with Ms Nina, a young multidisciplinary artist from Argentina currently based in Spain. She achieved international recognition as a net artist, exhibiting at Junior High (Los Angeles), La Térmica and La Fresh Gallery, one of the most prestigious galleries in Spain. Her musical career has made her one of the key figures to understand the Latin rhythms that sound in Europe.

‘RESISTENCIA: Focus on Latin America’
DocHouse presents a journey across Latin America today, through revealing documentaries and illuminating discussion.


A panoramic view across Latin America today, from life at the Mexican border, through the Peruvian jungle, and all the way to the streets of Santiago. These outstanding documentaries show the Latin America you don’t see on TV. Here are the indigenous people and the workers of Latin America – from Peru to Chile to Cuba – those suffering from, and those resisting, the exploitation of their land and their rights.

RESISTENCIA features the following docs:
12.30 ONE FRONTIER, ALL FRONTIERS – UK PREMIERE Contemplating life on either side of the 2,000 mile wall that separates Mexico from the USA.
14.30 LAW OF THE JUNGLE – LONDON PREMIERE + Director Q&A A young indigenous leader and his lawyer fight the government and PlusPetrol for his rights and his freedom.
15.10 CITY OF PHOTOGRAPHERS The story of the fearless Chilean photographers who risked death to record life under Pinochet's brutal military regime.
20.15 STOLEN LAND – UK PREMIERE + Director Q&A + PANEL DISCUSSION (Speakers TBC) The Nasa people of southern Colombia are fighting to reclaim their ancestral land.

+ Aftershow party in the RICH MIX bar with DJ Cal Jader (Movimientos) + VJ Pora (Latin America Bureau) - Underground Latin beats from Cumbia and Salsa to Brazilian beats, set to a bold series of projections featuring Latin America's vibrant social movements and videos from some of the continent's most conscious artists



Day pass: £22 (£18 conc) Individual tickets: £7 (£5 conc)
Buy online from www.richmix.org.uk or call the Rich Mix Box Office on 020 7613 7498. For more information see www.dochouse.org



12.30 ONE FRONTIER, ALL FRONTIERS - UK PREMIERE David Pablos / Mexico / 2010 / 55 mins
2,000 miles of fencing separate Mexico from the USA, designed to stem the flow of immigrants crossing the border. Mexican filmmaker David Pablos observes life at the partition, where separated families, friends and lovers gather, either side of the metal grille.

Marc Silver & Gael García Bernal / UK, Mexico / 2010 / 24 mins
Director Marc Silver and Gael García Bernal meet migrants on the route of one of the most dangerous journeys in the world – crossing illegally from Mexico into the U.S.A – where many ask themselves if they will make it alive.

14.30 LAW OF THE JUNGLE - LONDON PREMIERE + Director Q&A Michael Christoffersen, Hans la Cour / Denmark / 2012 / 85 minutes
Deep in the Peruvian jungle, a group of indigenous people protest at the airfield of a multinational oil company. When a policeman is killed and the leaders are arrested, young, impassioned Fachin Ruíz sets out to prove their innocence, resulting in the first public debate on minority rights throughout Peru.

Michael Chanan / UK, Chile / 2011 / 18 mins
Capturing Chile’s mass student demonstrations against the most heavily privatised education system in the world, ‘Protest Chile’ shows the dynamics of the movement and the profound issues it raises about democracy in Chile.

Sebastián Moreno / Chile / 2006 / 80 minutes
During Pinochet's long regime, a motley crew of photojournalists gradually brought about a revolution. In the middle of bloody riots and protests, they learned their craft and created many of the now legendary images. For them, taking pictures was a type of resistance. Pinochet had the power and the guns, but these photographers had the camera - the people's weapon.

Goran Radovanovic / Serbia / 2011 / 47 mins
The 52nd anniversary of the Cuban Revolution, in the sedate village of Sierra Mastra. A quiet life is transformed for a celebration, as bullhorns blast out ideological slogans that are 52 years old. But what happens the following day when the party is over?

20.15 STOLEN LAND – UK PREMIERE + Panel discussion including dir. Margarita Martínez Margarita Martínez, Miguel Salazar / Colombia / 2010 / 73 mins
The Nasa people of southern Colombia are fighting to reclaim their ancestral land. Charismatic leader Lucho Acosta believes in non- violent civil resistance, but as clashes with police intensify and the government reneges on its promises, Acosta’s beliefs are tested to their core.
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Saturday 22nd September 2012