Movimientos Carnaval Special Flyer

Movimientos Carnaval Special


Movimientos returns to Hoots for their annual carnival throw down with very special live performances and DJs sets rooted in a variety of Brazilian carnival sounds but also drawing on Caribbean influences.

Embracing the spectrum of Brazilian carnival sounds with Aleh + Tribo bridging Rio & Salvador with the samba reggae crew backing this legendary Carioca singer, new big band Leoa play music inspired the North-East Brazilian sounds like Frevo, Maracatu and Ciranda whilst Dutch collective KD Soundsystem bring their full powered party machine vibes taking in Dancehall, Soca, Afrobeats and Bale Funk. And esteemed Brazilian selector Moishe joins Cal Jader in the booth to keep the vibes on point all night.

Aleh + Tribo
KD Soundsystem

Cal Jader

A very special collaboration between the legendary Banda Black Rio singer, Aleh Ferreira, and London’s Samba Reggae inspired carnival collective, Tribo.

The union of the Afro-Brazilian batuque tradition of “Tribo”, a group formed by percussionist musicians and students of the renowned percussion workshop, joins the strength of the voice and the brilliance of Aleh Ferreira’s songs. The heavy groove of Brazilian percussion performed by a drum orchestra is conducted by Marcos Santana, with producer and precision guitar player, Álvaro Alves joining the band, along with musician, Aleh Ferreira, whose compositions completes the structure of the musical project.

We’re excited to welcome KD Soundsystem as part of our Carnaval special. This multi-headed party monster features singers, dancers, DJ’s and MC’s taking you on a musical journey all over the world and are known for their Afro-Caribbean beats, unique live shows and limitless energy! Their own productions are rooted in Dancehall and Afrobeats mixed with Baile Funk and topped with some Soca. They have toured in Jamaica, Senegal, South Africa and Brazil (playing at Rio de Janeiro Carnival no less!) bringing the crew closer to their musical roots.

As part of our Carnaval special this new 9-piece outfit will take the audience on a tour of Brazil from the sultry melodies of ciranda to fiery frevo and maracatu grooves. Exhilarating horn lines, driving rhythms and lush melodies all come together to create a powerhouse of authentic Brazilian grooves to keep audiences on their feet all night.

Saturday 26th February 2022
Time: 9pm