Mango Juice Flyer

Mango Juice


Leoa are a new big band project playing music inspired by North-Eastern Brazilian carnival sounds. This 9-piece outfit takes the audience on a tour of Brazil from the sultry melodies of ciranda to fiery frevo and maracatu grooves. Exhilarating horn lines, driving rhythms and lush melodies all come together to create a powerhouse of authentic Brazilian grooves to keep audiences on their feet all night.

Leoa (live)

DJsCal JaderMoishe

On the second Thursday of the month Movimientos’s Cal Jader hosts a tropical themed dance party Mango Juice presenting the cream of the Latin bands from London’s scene and beyond. From Salsa and Cumbia to Afro-Latin, Brazilian Jazz, Funk and way beyond – anything that stirs the inclination to let loose and dance. With Cal and guests on the decks in between and after come ready to get on the good foot and listen to some of the finest tropical beats around.

Thursday 12th May 2022
Amazing Grace, St Thomas St, London SE1 9RY