Love Carnival @ Rumpus Flyer

Love Carnival @ Rumpus

#FLAWA2020 has prepared a night of non-stopping dance with Ms Nina, a young multidisciplinary artist from Argentina currently based in Spain. She achieved international recognition as a net artist, exhibiting at Junior High (Los Angeles), La Térmica and La Fresh Gallery, one of the most prestigious galleries in Spain. Her musical career has made her one of the key figures to understand the Latin rhythms that sound in Europe.
Love Carnival are bringing a whole night of London's most luscious Latin beats to the infamous Rumpus!

Taking over the middle floor, DJ Cal Jader & Selecta Mad Max play host bouncing through the spectrum of fresh tropical riddims alongside vivid decor and interactive fun.

Jumping for joy, senses suffused with tropical uplift, we'll all be dancing up a storm as DJs and artists jet in for a night of stellar sounds and interplanetary bass.

Slipping away from Seville to be with us, ION DIN ANINA is bringing music from past, present and future. Sashaying from Latin America to the Carpathians weaving a global club sound which extends beyond the Earthly realm.

Mambo-ing in from Madrid's most vibrant scenes is Lola Manola. Nicely splicing tropical and electronic rhythms, she'll be taking techno and intermingling African and Latin beats, teasing your feet?into a frenzy.

Joining the line up From Venezuela and London, Ivicore channels Latin American and UK vibes into foot-stompingly fiery mixes of Caribbean beats & Carnival bass.

Tickets and full information -?HERE


We present to you the past and the future! History and imagination in-tense dance-off! Flaunt your flounces and furbiloes.? Show off your steampunk, spandex and silver paint, vintage vantage, and fantasy future.

Come join the temporally, time-sliding Singularity that is Rumpus!? 8 hours of music, magic, mystery and mahemspread over 7 rooms!

Dance till you drop with driving dirty DJs, chill out with the Wonderland Creatures in their cozy cafe or whirl with the wastrel minstrels bugling their music into the cavorting cortexes of skipping Creatures.

Dress code
Scintillating space-cadets, Ornamental Oliver Twists, Steampunk Swashbucklers, Future-furnished Funksters, Bootilicious Bustled Beauties, Heavenly helmeted Harlots, Tailcoated Tennysons, Space-Age Spandex Sweeties, Ticktock Thackerys,? Brazen Baudy Bombardiers, Dickens Dandies, Corsetted Conan-Doyles, Gorgeous Galactic Gin-slingers, Marvellous Mechnical Mannequins"
Friday 5th April 2019