João Selva London Debut Flyer

João Selva London Debut


Brazilian singer and songwriter brings his exuberant and vintage tropical pop music to London for the first time.

On the back of his latest highly anticipated album, “Passarinho” João Selva crafts a melodic experience that transcends borders blending Angolan semba, Cape Verdean funaná, Caribbean zouk, and Congolese rumba into an irresistible fusion. With nods to both Brazilian traditions and global influences.

Experience the magic of “Passarinho” and witness João Selva’s London debut as he takes the stage in a celebration of musical diversity and boundless creativity.

João Selva’s sensational new album, “Passarinho” (2023), Selva embraces a diverse musical palette across ten captivating tracks, encompassing Angolan semba, Cape Verdean funaná, Caribbean zouk, and Congolese rumba. With the spirit of Brazil at its core, he seamlessly incorporates influences from North American music and beyond, creating irresistible rhythms. Following on from the critically acclaimed “Navegar” (2021) which referenced the tropicalia revolution of the 70s by offering a turbulent mix of samba, soul, jazz and funk, “Passarinho” takes you on a vibrant voyage, channeling the musical pulse of the Black Atlantic. Brace yourself for an extraordinary fusion of cultures and melodies as João Selva’s latest masterpiece unfolds.

“It’s an incredibly well balanced platter with plenty of variety….Joao’s Voice Is Simply Divine”

“A prime example of what you might call tropicália nova” SoundsandColours

“Selva channels the sounds of the Black Atlantic. Warm and infectious, Passarinho’s songs will have you dancing 

in ways never imagined you’d know how to do” Twisted Soul

Thursday 2nd November 2023
Time: 7:30pm - 10:30pm
10£ - 13.5£
Paper Dress Vintage, 352a Mare St, London E8 1HR