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Gia Fu


We are back in Soho’s finest Mezcaleria basement with an explosive night of Salsa and Afro-Latin music on vinyl, with Hong Kong’s globetrotting legend Gia Fu and our local salsa connoisseur Henry Bravo.

Gia Fu, a DJ/selector and music producer from Hong Kong, specializes in Afro-Latin music, particularly Salsa and associated rhythms. Beyond extensive touring as an international DJ and music producer, her research work explores how cultures – including her own Chinese heritage and Latin American influences – enrich one another. Having grown up in a culturally vibrant environment, her upbringing fuels her passion for challenging stereotypes and promoting inclusion within the music industry.

Leading the Canton Mambo 曼波 project (@cantonmambo), Gia Fu dedicates herself to bridging cultural divides, embracing diversity through research, cultural & dance events, and music. This initiative creates an all-inclusive space where diverse cultural elements harmonize, fostering unity through the arts. Her upcoming single, “Canton Mambo,” blends her native musical instrument Guzheng with salsa rhythms, introducing an exciting fusion sound for the genre.

In the year 2021, Gia demonstrated her versatility by producing a captivating big-band Salsa album for Grammy-nominated artist Angel Meléndez. This project involved collaboration with 30 musicians spanning various age groups, from their 20s to their 70s.

Henry Bravo, Venezuelan born DJ, best known for his unique style and vibrant mix of Latin rhythms. His sets will lead you on a journey through Latin beats from Caracas to the world, mixing genres and eras with his eclectic collection of vinyl.

His energy and passion for music shine brightly, and bring joy and good vibes to any dance floor. No stranger to the dance floor himself, Henry knows exactly how to create the perfect atmosphere and to spread joy with the sound of live Guiros, Maracas and the Clave.

Friday 21st June 2024
Time: 9pm - 1:30am
£10 - £12
Mezcaleria Colmillo @ El Pasto Soho, 66-70 Brewer Street, London W1F 9UP