Futurismo Ancestral: RODRIGO GALLARDO (live) Flyer

Futurismo Ancestral: RODRIGO GALLARDO (live)


Futurismo Ancestral welcomes a very special live show from composer, multi-instrumentalist and producer Rodrigo Gallardo is a true figurehead of the global organic electronic dance movement. He is a founder member of the pioneering Chilean group Matanza as well as a solo artist with millions of streams and multiple collaborations alongside the likes of Nicola Cruz, Joaquin Cornejo and countless luminaries of the Latin American folktronica scene.

With the origin of his sound rooted in Andean and Latin American folk, at the same time, spliced with samples, electronic beats and deep bass, incorporating a journey through singing, reeds, charangos and guitars, along with lyrics that seek collective consciousness and the ancestral connection. Joined by Mexican DJ Gypsy Box and Movimientos DJs for a night of euphoric global organic electronic dancefloor sounds

Saturday 22nd June 2024
Time: 7pm - 10pm
MOTH Club, Valette Street, London E9 6NU