Fiesta Wacha – Cumbia & Neoperreo Party Flyer

Fiesta Wacha – Cumbia & Neoperreo Party


All-female trailblazers land in the UK for their 1st ever London show

Here we truly have a group of pioneers in a radical and exciting new genre. Expect the unexpected at this party filled with cumbia, reggaeton and neoperreo.


Fiesta Wacha 


High-grade purveyors of cumbia and neoperreo, a female-led genre that’s described as “reggaeton for misfits”, Fiesta Wacha is “for the descatados”, the wild ones, the rulebreakers. Here to tear up the night with tropical bangers!

Taking reggaeton’s worldwide party influence and subverting it, neoperreo blows apart the entrenched misogyny and hustle culture aesthetics of conventional reggaeton. In a hypermasculine sphere, Fiesta Wacha, alongside neoperreo’s other femme pioneers, have created a lane for women and non-binary people in what has become the world’s most popular dance music genre.


Piti Vaccari 


Piti is Fiesta Wacha’s resident DJ. Hailing from Argentina, but having toured around the globe, Piti Vaccari showcases the best in contemporary Latin American music, from digital cumbia and reggaeton, to Caribbean dembow and RKT. Combining this impeccable ear for new music with classics of Afro-Latin music, Piti Vaccari takes you on a tour of the history of the music without ever leaving the dancefloor.




A chameleon of reggaeton, Linapary calls herself the “Hannah Montana of Perreo”. An international DJ and singer, she is always searching for innovation in the genre. Her newest song, P.U.T.A,  is neither reggaeton nor neoperreo, its a slower, more alluring track that demonstrates Linapary’s thirst for the new. This is a rare opportunity in the UK to witness a true spearhead of a new and exhilarating genre!


Saturday 12th November 2022
Time: 9pm - Late
The Post Bar, 316 High Rd, London N15 4BP