Dia de Los Muertos Experience! @ Rich Mix Flyer

Dia de Los Muertos Experience! @ Rich Mix

#FLAWA2020 has prepared a night of non-stopping dance with Ms Nina, a young multidisciplinary artist from Argentina currently based in Spain. She achieved international recognition as a net artist, exhibiting at Junior High (Los Angeles), La Térmica and La Fresh Gallery, one of the most prestigious galleries in Spain. Her musical career has made her one of the key figures to understand the Latin rhythms that sound in Europe.
Saturday 2nd November @ Rich Mix
Ticket prices: £8 // £10 // £12 - BUY HERE

Join our celebration of the afterlife with screenings of classic Mexican horror films, live acts, DJs, Day of the Dead shrine, Mexican style decor, visuals, facepainting, dance and immersive theatre performances from special guests.

Produced by DSK PR, Movimientos, & Oscar Arroyo.

Film Screening:

The Black Pit of Dr. M
(Misterios de ultratumba, Fernando Méndez, 1959).

Two doctors make a gruesome pact: whoever dies first will return to earth to reveal the secrets of the afterlife. When one of them dies, a torrent of crime and insanity is unleashed, involving possessions, murder and a ghoulish vengeance. Gorgeously shot in nighttime black and white, this cleverly plotted, film is replete with eerie imagery: moving shadows, and dense, swirling mists, creating an atmospheric zombie tale not to be missed.


Followed by live sets, DJs and a theatre performance

Live acts:

Voodoo Love Orchestra
An abundantly joyous salute to the roots of carnival, with a line up underpinned by a full brass section and latin percussion, topped off by their Day of The Dead themed costumes and facepaint. Harking back to the big brass band sound of 1960s Latin America via the back streets of New Orleans, Voodoo Love Orchestra is more an invasion than a performance, with a euphoric riot of musicians weaving in and out of the throng, overseen by a megaphone-wielding High Priestess invoking the spirits of celebration. Delving deep into the heart of the tropics, the globe-trotting ensemble straddles a whole range of pan-Atlantic sounds touching on Colombian Cumbia and Cuban Comparsa as well as Jazz, Blues, Afrobeat, and Ska.

+ G-Bop Orchestra
The G-Bop Orchestra is centred around Marimba player, Greta Eacott who is joined by musicians from Malphino and the Outsiders Music Collective to create experimental percussion based marimba music taking inspiration from street sounds in South London and South America adding a theatrical twist with the theme of demonic possession.

DJs: Cal Jader (Movimientos) + guests with a special Mexican party mix from Cumbia to Norteno and electronic latin beats

+ Dia De Los Muertos themed dance and immersive theatre peformance from special guests


Saturday 2nd November @ Rich Mix
Ticket prices: £8 // £10 // £12 - BUY HERE
Saturday 2nd November 2013