Akolá Tambó + Dembis Thioung Flyer

Akolá Tambó + Dembis Thioung


With its trance-inducing bullerengue, Akolá Tambó presents a blaze of traditional Afro-Colombian beats that will take you on a journey to reconnect to the root. A high dose of drums, dance and mantra-like chants gives birth to this ancestral ritual in which everyone is invited to take part, unify their voices and become one.

The group has fast gained recognition and become a reference within London’s Latin community, and it has been invited to perform at some of the community’s most important venues and stages such as Latino Life Festival, FEST LATAM, Fusión de los Pueblos, CASA Festival, The Curve Garden, The Jago, Hootananny, Paper Dress Vintage, The Post Bar and Blanquita’s, and in festivals across the UK and Europe such as The Great Get Together, Vortex Jazz Festival, Tonnau Festival in Wales, Prende La Vela Festival in Spain and the Great Exhibition Road Festival. They also participated at the María la Baja Bullerengue Festival in Colombia in December 2022. This special event is presented by Movimientos in association with War On Want following their festival ‘And Still We Rise’ during the daytime of the 24th February.

Dembis Thioung, is a mesmerizing master of the dunduns – the melodic and hypnotic West African bass drums. The traditional West African Dundun, are a set of three double sided drums hit with sticks made by wood and cowskin that make up the HEARTBEAT, the MELODY and the SOUL of traditional West African ensemble djembe music.
Dembis’s aptitude for music, means that his skills as a percussionist are not reserved for West African rhythms alone, and he has worked with artists from all global musical backgrounds. He is also a versatile independent performing artist and has played live, and recorded albums with internationally acclaimed artists such as Carlou D and Baaba Mal.
Saturday 24th February 2024
Time: 8pm - 12:30am