Astute and outspoken, Fedzilla is an MC straddling dembow-heavy beats with a Latin twist. Based in London she is a regular performer in the UK’s festival scene. Taking strong influences from sound system performance culture, she specialises in multilingual lyricism, transferring her raw energy directly to the crowd as she weaves between ragga, cumbia, hip-hop and dancehall beats.

Fedzilla Featured Image

Born to a Chilean mum and German dad, Fedzilla grew up in the US before moving to London, where she has established herself as a rapper of distinction in London’s global bass music scene, regularly sounding out about gentrification, migration, racism and misogyny. Previously a key member of Cuban powerhouse Wara, she has collaborated with bands such as 47SOUL, Sam and the Womp and Full Attack Band. Last year, as the pandemic struck, she started posting her ‘Fedroom Sessions’, a home-recorded video series which has seen her tackles subjects as diverse as the patriarchy, Palestinian freedom and the comfort of tracksuits, all with a humerous twist and cheeky swagger.

Her first solo release “Candela” was released on Movimientos Records at the end of 2021, a song in which she stays true to herself; firing up the Latin club music that is such a big part of her identity, and refusing to paint over the cracks.